House of Gingerbread Men

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Four men could never live together in a share house this ideal unless of course they were gingerbread men. Everyone does their dishes and keeps their showers to under 5 minutes, and there is no dirty sock smell. Could you imagine! 

This gift box contains four gingerbread men cookies with pink buttons, all housed together in a gift box with a pink bow to match. These modern gingerbread men know to match their outfits to their house decor!

Please note: All Christmas orders will be posted on or just before the 10th December, unless requested otherwise. 

INGREDIENTS - Butter, Flour (WHEAT), Egg, Sugar, Fondant (SOYA), Cornflour, Candy Pearls, Vanilla

Consumption may cause addiction, delirium and feelings of intense satisfaction. Best eaten with friends and other cookie monsters. But seriously, our yummy treats are created in a kitchen that also makes goodies that contain peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, gluten and milk, so despite our best efforts all our products may contain traces of these ingredients.