Flamin' Love

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Did you know that when a flamingo first sees their mate they fall from the one leg they are standing on and that is where the expression “falling for someone” comes from? Probably not, because I just made that up... but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good story! The way their necks bend into a love heart shape just makes them the perfect animal to represent love. Sure it would be better if the story was really true but you could always pop it into a card to go with the cookies and pray that your partner doesn't do any Google fact checking! We think these cookies are the cutest way to show your special someone you think you two are the perfect pair this Valentines Day! 

INGREDIENTS - Flour, Butter, Sugar, Fondant, Egg, Sprinkles, Vanilla

Consumption may cause addiction, delirium and feelings of intense satisfaction. Best eaten with friends and other cookie monsters. But seriously, our yummy treats are created in a kitchen that also makes goodies that contain peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, gluten and milk, so despite our best efforts all our products may contain traces of these ingredients.