The Joy of Cookies

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Fill life with people you love. Fill tummy with cookie you love.

Here at Dough Re Mi we have a big hero who we turn to for inspiration and guidance on all things cookie and life. Lucky for us, he has written a book on his guide to life and we would like to share his wisdom with you too.

This pack contains "Cookie Monster's Guide to Life - The Joy Of Cookies" and one fondant cookie to help with wisdom absorption. 

Cookie may not be solution to ALL world's problems. But maybe? Me think it worth a try.

INGREDIENTS - Flour, Butter, Sugar, Fondant, Egg, Sprinkles, Vanilla

Consumption may cause addiction, delirium and feelings of intense satisfaction. Best eaten with friends and other cookie monsters. But seriously, our yummy treats are created in a kitchen that also makes goodies that contain peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, gluten and milk, so despite our best efforts all our products may contain traces of these ingredients.