Bright Bites

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For those days that your little people need a boost, for the days that the morning routine is hard, those days that you wish you could be a fly on the wall... and all the days in between - Bright Bites, for that boost in your special people’s lunch box. 

And guess what! Don’t worry about adding to the plastic pile as each bite it individually wrapped. Our bites are packaged in our totally compostable bags. Yay! 

18 (and counting) little quotes are used to box up these Bright Bites boxes, with 2 sizes to choose from. 

Classic - 14 Bright Bites

Extra -28 Bright Bites 


To the best of our ability each box has a range of colours / quotes / boosting messages. So don’t worry you won’t be a whole box of one.

INGREDIENTS - Butter, Wheat Flour, Egg, Sugar, Fondant, Cornflour, and Vanilla.

Consumption may cause addiction, delirium and feelings of intense satisfaction. Best eaten with friends and other cookie monsters. But seriously, our yummy treats are created in a kitchen that also makes goodies that contain peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, gluten and milk, so despite our best efforts all our products may contain traces of these ingredients.