Meet the Team

Co-Founder and Leader
  • My favourite colour is pink
  • My Drink of choice is iced peach tea
  • I Love all animals (I have been know to stop on highways to save turtles)
  • I have always dreamed of owning a business
  • I'm obsessed with new designs in cookie cutters, obviously.


      Speed-Icer and Packaging Queen

      • I Love, love, LOVE gingerbread.
      • I dye my hair every second day.
      • I could eat popcorn every day for the rest of my life.


        Cookie icing extraordinaire

        • I'm a huge fan of dogs, naps and food.
        • My hobbies include - eating left over fondant scraps, drawing and music.
        • My favourite colour is blue.
        • My favourite cookies to create are the handprinted floral designs, Frankenstein's or the bees!


            Photo taking genius

            • I like to eat dinner meals for breakfast and fantasise about becoming a professional mermaid in the future.
            • My favourite colour combo is navy and yellow.
            • I love to draw and paint.
            • I ride horses in my spare time and practice mermaiding (obviously) as well as giving my pets lots of cuddles and eating copious amounts of cookies.